Solution By Sector

VYSPA provide solutions for businesses all over the world and across various sectors. Telecommunications form the corner stone of any successful business, and Vyspa are well placed to offer expertise no matter which sector you operate in.


In hospitality the key to success has always been directly correlated with the quality of service offered.

For hotels the revenue from telephone calls has been shrinking consistently year on year since 2000. In fact call revenue dropped by more than 50% between 2000 and 2003 alone in hotels across the world. This of course is inevitable when guests can make an international call from their mobile for a much lower cost than a hotel charges. The internet of course allows guests to make calls over the internet for free.

Hotels that need to buy new telephone systems risk spending hundreds of thousands of euros, pounds or dollars for a system that guests will use primarily as an intercom so they can order room service. Clearly, hotels need to do something to reduce costs and increase revenue. Eliminating the hotel guest-room phone it is not an option. Phones perform an important life-safety function, and also represent the primary means for guests to communicate service requests to the hotel staff from their rooms.

The VYSPA Solution

Vyspa can provided telephone infrastructure, software and hardware that will save hotels thousands of because we cut out the middleman. In addition Vyspa can be used with both analogue and digital lines as well as with SIP trunks. Hotels can therefore offer highly competitive international calling rates, and make a margin much greater than they previously did without putting off the guest.

Essentially, the Vyspa Hotels telephone system will save costs and increase revenue- exactly what every hotel has been wishing for.