We offer a free initial consultation to all clients, both prospective and existing when looking to add or amend services with us. We carefully examine your telephone needs and present solutions to meet your demands and budget. Whether you need Vyspa Business Communicator, Vyspa PBX, Vyspa Logger or even just our VOIP trunks bolted on to your existing equipment, we will be happy to talk to you and provide our expert guidance.


If you need our onsite PBX, we can offer a full installation service. We take care of all requirements, and can even install cabling and help with your entire network infrastructure if required.


We can maintain any Asterisk based telephone system, and have a range of service contracts that we can offer catering for both onsite and remote requirements.


We offer full support 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our technical experts are available to
call when ever you need any guidance on any product you have with us.