The business telephone system or Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is effectively a system that takes over from the telephone carrier and controls the management and distribution of internal and external calls. Over the years PBX technology has advanced significantly, bringing benefits to business of all sizes.

Of course, all these benefits came with a cost, and in the case of the PBX this cost was usually very high. In fact the PBX can often be one of the biggest IT expenses for a business.

The truth is that the cost of a PBX is not really that high, it is the profit margins that put the costs up so much. First of all, you have the PBX manufacturer, then the intermediary wholesaler, and then finally the distributor who will sell and install the system to the end user. The biggest shame is that the margins are excessive at every level, which means the end user often pays 75% more for their PBX then they should do.

VYSPA have eliminated the middle man. We use cutting edge hardware, and the PBX software is based on Asterisk, an open source PBX solution that is now being used by companies as large as Amazon.com.

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