VYPSA Capture

Vyspa Capture is a cost effective recording solution for businesses of all sizes.

We can provide call recording solutions for:

  • >> Small businesses with analogue lines
  • >> SIP Trunks and VOIP calls
  • >> BRI and PRI ISDN Lines

VYSPA Capture is compatible with all phone systems and can work in conjunction with most PBX reporting modules.

Call recording is core to the success of any organisation- from business intelligence to dispute resolution. Businesses make sure they keep copious records of documents and correspondence, and frequently calls are over looked.

The added value of having access to call recordings will outweigh your initial investment in a matter of days!


  • Record all your calls
  • Coaching: Develop and train your staff with effective coaching
  • Resolve disputes with ease
  • Monitor calls to ensure customer service standards
  • Optimise processes and call processing time
  • Score the quality of calls
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Analyse calls for data gathering, business intelligence and evaluation

  Key Features

  • Search calls using multiple levels of criteria such as agent id, time, caller id, call duration, number call received on
  • Flag calls and add notes to individual call recordings
  • Simple and user friendly web based graphical interface
  • Accessible from any computer with a web browser
  • Sound files easy to down load and burn to CD
  • Distribution of call reocrdings via email
  • Easy to archive and retrieve
  • Centralised management for multiple sites
  • Highly scalable- from 1 line to 20,000 lines
  • Sound files compatible will all media players
  • Encryption compliant

Add Notes to Calls

Search Calls