VYSPA Sip Trunk

Connect your existing business telephone system to the VYSPA network and reduce your calls bills by 80%

Most modern phone systems are designed to integrate with SIP trunks allowing you to benefit from the cost savings of VOIP calls without any investment in hard ware or set up. VYSPA have provide amongst the lowest rates for domestic and international calls in the market place, and we only use GOLD routes, which means to can rest assured that call quality is never compromised.

  • International and domestic rates close to wholesale prices
  • GOLD Routes
  • Highest standard of voice quality
  • Compatible with the vast majority of telephone systems


Raising the standards

Lowering the Price on Business telephone systems

Our business telephone systems use open source technology, which means the cost of your new telephone system can come down by 60%. Open source telephone systems are a big hit in the US and used by companies as large as Amazon.com.

  • a) State of the art functionality
  • b) More stable than branded telephone systems
  • c) VYSPA PBX offers most chargeable features in branded systems as standard

VYSPA Business Communicator- Hosted PBX

Think Big :Invest small - Your next business telephone system will cost only £ 2.99 per user/month

The hosted PBX is a fully functional telephone system with all the functionality expected from the most advanced telephone systems in the market. The difference is that you don't have to pay for any of the equipment

  • a) Plug and Play
  • b) Your telephone number, extenstions, voicemail all set up in   minutes
  • c) No initial investment or hardware costs
  • d) Your staff can work from anywhere in the world
  • e) Very low call costs and free calls between your sites

VYSPA Capture

Telephone Call Recorder to improve your training and monitoring

When what you say on the phone matters, you need to be able to refer back to calls that have been made and received in your organisation. Whether you need to listen to calls for training, monitoring or evidential purposes, you want a system that is efficient, compliant with the regulations, and cost effective.

  • a) Records all calls on analogue, digital and SIP lines
  • b) Cost effective / Minimal Investment
  • c) Regulation compliant
  • d) Easy to use and retrieve call recordings