Business Cummunicator

The hosted PBX from Vyspa allows businesses of
all sizes to outsource their telephone system.

In the quest for efficiency, modern and successful businesses will always outsource whatever it can if by doing so it will save money and get the same if not a better standard of quality and efficiency. Vyspa business communicator is a hosted PBX solution that will save you money and provide you far more benefits that an hardware based PBX. Effectively, VYSPA BUSINESS COMMUNICATOR is an outsourced telephone system!

Business telephone systems have expensive initial hardware costs followed by high annual maintenance costs. With the initial outlay costing upwards of £5,000 for a small office, followed by annual maintenance costs of 15% of the initial hardware costs, it is understandable why some many businesses are moving to Vyspa Business Communicator everyday.

To make matters more expensive, the telephone systems many businesses use will not offer a vast array of features, and most non standard features will incur high licence fees.

The hosted PBX on the other hand allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from cutting edge technology and features only available on the most advanced and expensive business telephone systems. There are no hardware costs; no installation costs and no annual maintenance fees. Businesses pay as little as £2.99 per user and get the benefits of a system worth thousands of pounds. The only hardware costs are the price of a soft phone which start at only £10. This leaves you to focus on your business while we take care of all your telephony needs.