1. VOIP calls don't offer high quality voice and I am worried that I will not be able to hear the other party or they will not hear me.

Voice Over IP is still a relatively new platform and there are many service providers that offer poor quality VOIP calls. The reason for poor quality VOIP calls is the result of poor compression technology and illegal black IP routes.
Vyspa use the latest compression technology for transferring Voice over IP and we use Gold IP routes provided by BT Wholesale in the UK. BT is the national telecoms provider for the United Kingdom and have highly sophisticated and developed VOIP services. VOIP in the UK is now established and well developed in the UK and is used by many large businesses and call centres.

2. The telecoms regulators in the UAE and Oman regularly block websites and I am worried I will not be able to regain my connection.

Vyspa is not dependent on a website for the service to work. Whilst you might not be able to manage your account if the Vyspa website is blocked, we will provide new links via Facebook and Twitter for you to access your account if our website is blocked in the UAE and Oman.
Whilst the telecom regulator may be able to block a VPN route, each phone we sell uses a different VPN tunnel, so only individual users might be effected if a VPN tunnel is blocked. We have however designed our handsets to refresh each day and use a new data tunnel for the VPN. If your handset is therefore blocked, it will automatically refresh at midnight and your service will be restored to normal.

3. I have no technical knowledge and I will not be able to get this system to work.

Each handset we sell has been set up and pre-programmed to ensure that you really have to do more than plug the handset in and start using the service. Our handset is especially unique because the VPN is built into the handset and therefore does not require any technical skills at all.

4. Is it illegal for me to use Vyspa?

It is illegal for UAE and Oman companies to offer unlicensed VOIP services. It is not illegal for residents and nationals to use VOIP services or VPN tunnels. As we are a UK based company, we are not providing an illegal service as our business model is both legal and common in the United Kingdom and European countries.

5. Why are the call rates so cheap

In most western countries, the market has become accustomed to cheap telephony. The wholesale cost of calling is not high, but high mark ups in countries where there is limited competition push up the cost of calling. We are offering call charges which are inline with the charges paid by residents in the United Kingdom. Our call rates are therefore not cheap in our home market, they simply appear to be cheap because of high margins charged by domestic operators in the UAE and Oman.

6. Can you guarantee continuity of service

We are very confident that we can provide you with an uninterrupted service. As a result we offer a 12 month guarantee to refund the cost of your equipment if it is no longer possible for us to provide a service in the UAE or Oman.

7. Whats the difference between Vyspa and Skype

Skype requires users to keep their laptop or computer on, and Skype does not provide users with an incoming telephone number. The Vyspa service operates just like a traditional fixed line telephone. When you pick up the handset you get a dial tone to dial out, and when someone calls your number, your phone will ring regardless of whether your computer is switched on.

8. I don't always keep my computer/laptop on

With Vyspa, you can use our service even if you don’t own a computer or laptop. All you need is an internet connection and the phone handset will do the rest.

9. I travel a lot- can I take the phone with me

You can take the Vyspa handset with you anywhere in the world and provided you have an internet connection, you will be able to make and receive calls in the same way that you do at home.