Vyspa provide the same service you would expect from any fixed line telecoms operator. The only difference is that we, like a growing number of telecom operators in Europe and America, use Voice over IP instead of fixed line copper cable or fibre optic ISDN.

You don't have to keep your laptop or computer on or connected with Vyspa Anywhere. You simply need a broadband internet connection that is permanently switched on. You then use your Fiko telephone in the same way that you use your current fixed line telephone.


Itemised Billing

All calls you make will be fully itemised and charges will be transparent. You can review your usage and charges at anytime using the my account page on our website. Free Calls to other Vyspa users Your friends and family can also subscribe to Fiko Telecom and any calls you make between each other will be absolutely free.


Vyspa have developed a bespoke telephone handset that comes with a built in VPN. This allows users to make an receive calls over the Internet using servers located in the UK. The VOIP service is therefore not subject to the regulatory blocks imposed on domestic VOIP services in countries like the UAE and Oman.

Our handset is built for the most technically illiterate and literally requires the user to plug the handset into any spare Ethernet port on their router. Once plugged in, the phone is ready to use for incoming and outgoing calls.

Your Telephone Number

You can choose a domestic telephone number from over 80 countries and your phone can handle an unlimited number of phone numbers. You might choose to have a UK telephone number to receive calls from friends and family in England and a separate US number because your clients or business associates are located in America.

Rolling Charges

All Vyspa customers will need to have an incoming telephone number for the service to work. Incoming telephone number charges vary depending on the country you choose, but they start from only £3.50 per month.

The monthly charge for your incoming telephone number will be deducted from your account balance each month.

Pay as you go

Vyspa provides a pay as you go service. You can only top up your account using credit card that is either enrolled for Verified by Visa or Mastercard Secure. If your credit card is not enrolled on one of these programmes, you will need to make payment by bank transfer. More information on payment options is available on the my account page.


USA 0.010 GBP/min

India 0.020 GBP/min

Germany 0.180 GBP/min

Italy 0.020 GBP/min

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